Kewpie Li Hsuan Wu

Named after her favourite fictional character and mayonnaise brand, Kewpie is a Visual Communication designer who currently based in Cyprus. She started working as a Graphic Designer in 2008, and that's when she realised a very fascinating aspect of her job - communicating ideas. 

Kewpie has worked internationally in a number of different countries, with clients from different fields, and different scale. Coming from mixed background, she always combines her practical skills with research method as well as academic thinking to her work for a more resolved solution. Kewpie considers herself to be passionate, inquisitive visual communication designer, who believes branding is not only about graphics, but the groundwork and the thinking behind. 


Ova Arup & Partners
The Royal Society of Medicine 
Bombay Sapphire
Singapore Sports Council - 2015 SEA Games

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